Commercial Building Construction

With commercial building construction, Sawyer-Elder Construction provides each client with an experience second to none.

Triangle Center Downtown Lexington

When it comes to commercial building construction, Sawyer-Elder Construction is dedicated to providing each client with an experience second to none.  Since our beginning, we have maintained a culture of deep-rooted traditions in servicing our clients with outstanding commercial building construction throughout Kentucky.

From project concept and preliminary budgeting through project completion, Sawyer-Elder Construction helps our clients control costs while providing flexibility to accommodate future growth.  Through program management, pre-construction, design-build and construction management services, Sawyer-Elder Construction streamlines the entire construction process.

Sawyer-Elder Construction provides our clients with a transparent approach to competitively-priced commercial construction.  We fully understand and support the importance of accountability, client needs and expectations, as well as budget adherence and scheduling for every project, regardless of size or complexity.  Our proven track management record sets us apart from our competition.  We offer real, workable solutions to maximize your investment.

Every project begins with in-depth pre-construction planning designed to address our clients’ business objectives.  Our pre-construction expertise, design teamwork and advanced technology give our clients control of up-front decisions that enhance quality, reduce costs and streamline schedules.  Sawyer-Elder Construction provides a single source of responsibility from initial concept to final sign-off.  We set objectives, foster teamwork and provide strict schedule and budget controls to achieve our clients’ goals.

Regardless of the size or scope of a project, our dedication is unsurpassed.  Sawyer-Elder Construction gives our clients the best service by providing personalized attention.  We work hard to ensure each project is a success and every customer is satisfied with our work.  We’ve earned our reputation by providing excellent customer service and quality commercial building construction within the guidelines of today’s competitive marketplace.

Our expectations for performance are high at Sawyer-Elder Construction for a reason.  We’ve proven time and time again that our approach results in happy clients and successful project outcomes.  Our top priority is to perform every project successfully.  We can take your project from start to finish including site location, design, zoning and building code compliance, financing, budgeting and, of course, the construction itself.

At Sawyer-Elder Construction, we set our standards high by hiring the most professional commercial construction people available.  Combining seasoned personnel, specialized expertise and state-of-the-art management information systems, Sawyer-Elder Construction has established a winning record for successful project delivery.  Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.  It’s an approach that has brought us remarkable success.

There is a clear cut reason why Sawyer-Elder Construction is one of the leading commercial contractors in the region.  We provide our clients comprehensive commercial building construction services.  Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest.  We offer customized solutions, focusing on the goals of our clients.  No matter what project delivery method, our pursuit of excellence at Sawyer-Elder Construction drives every effort and project.  Our commitment to customer service, deadlines and budgets has earned us great success.

Sawyer-Elder Construction would love to be your source for commercial building construction. To find out more about our qualifications, expertise and complete construction services, contact Sawyer-Elder Construction at (859) 523-1112.