Commercial Contractors

The commercial contractors at Sawyer-Elder Construction strive to provide their clients with exceptional service.

Paul Sawyer and Mike Elder

As commercial contractors, Sawyer-Elder Construction in Lexington, KY provides complete construction management services.  We also provide design-build services and general commercial contracting depending on the needs of the client.  Sawyer-Elder Construction can take your project from start to finish including site location, design, zoning and building code compliance, financing, budgeting and, of course, the construction itself.

Sawyer-Elder Construction provides exceptional service.  We’ve put together a highly qualified team of quality people with experience and expertise second to none.  Our team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to sound project management and cost efficiency.  We strive to provide our clients with exceptional service that they deserve.  Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.  It’s an approach that has brought us remarkable success.

As commercial contractors, Sawyer-Elder Construction provides all of the following:

  • Complete design-build services
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Constructability reviews
  • Value engineering
  • Program analysis
  • Master plan evaluations
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Bidding and procurement
  • Cost control
  • Construction administration
  • Quality control management
  • Facility start-up
  • Project close-out
  • Warranty management

As commercial contractors, Sawyer-Elder Construction can handle any size project by effectively managing the people and the processes.  We’ve utilized our years of construction experience to build a wide variety of commercial structures and everything in-between.  Sawyer-Elder Construction works tirelessly to bring unrivaled value to our clients while closely upholding budget and schedule requirements.  Because of this, we provide our clients with the highest quality construction.  Our constant goal is to exceed every expectation of a commercial contractor.

Our experience in construction management at Sawyer-Elder gives us the ability to create cohesion among everyone involved on the project.  It also allows us to lead a coordinated team effort to deliver the best results at each and every stage of the project.  We bring together the best team of design professionals and skilled craftsmen to guarantee that your project meets the absolute highest quality standards.  We strive to make sure that every project is on time and on budget.

Before ever setting foot on the site, Sawyer-Elder Construction works closely with our client to find the most economical methods for delivering the project.  We’ll review the drawings, often taking a hand in developing them.  If the plans are already complete, we’ll advise on the cost implications of alternative options and recommend solutions that prove more effective for the money.  With our combined years of experience, Sawyer-Elder Construction has the know-how to find the best way to do your project.  The principals of Sawyer-Elder Construction are directly involved in the day-to-day management of all the work we undertake, making sure everything is on track.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure all your specific building needs are met.  We’re exceptionally detail-oriented during all phases of the construction process.  This allows us to maximize outcome and manage the project from concept to completion.

Our people at Sawyer-Elder Construction are relentless and ingenious, finding solutions to problems quickly and turning challenges into opportunities.   We approach our work proactively, rather than reactively.  We’ve cultivated a solid reputation as commercial contractors, delivering remarkable results for a varied group of clients.  We’re proud to be one of the most respected commercial general contractors in the region.

There is a clear cut reason why Sawyer-Elder Construction is one of the leading commercial contractors in the region.  We would love to be a part of your next construction project.  To find out more about our qualifications, services and past projects, contact Sawyer-Elder Construction at (859) 523-1112.