Restaurant General Contractors

When it comes to finding the right restaurant general contractor for your job, you can count on Sawyer-Elder Construction.

Malones Palomar

Are you looking for the best restaurant general contractor?  Then, look no further than Sawyer-Elder Construction.  With hands-on ownership, an experienced team and outstanding core values, Sawyer-Elder Construction has built a reputation as one of Lexington’s premier construction companies.

Whether you’re looking to update your current space with a fresh new look or looking to build an entirely new restaurant, our team can handle any job!  We handle planning, oversight and construction for all types of restaurants. Sawyer-Elder Construction will work closely with you from site prep to interior detailing to project completion. We can handle every aspect of the job from inside and out.  You can count on us for the highest levels of safety, quality and service.

From fast-food restaurants and sports bars to upscale dining, Sawyer-Elder Construction is your best option for new restaurant construction and restaurant renovations in the region. We’ve built a solid reputation by providing improved efficiency and enhanced value to all of our projects.

With Sawyer-Elder Construction, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your restaurant project will be up and running in no time.  We do not stop until our client is completely satisfied with the finished product. We’re a general contractor that is receptive to changes in the field as the construction progresses.

Sawyer-Elder Construction takes pride in maintaining and delivering on our clients’ timelines. Every day that a project misses a deadline is a day our clients can’t do business. We understand that time is money, so minimizing downtime is our utmost priority. With a team that is dedicated to solving the many hurdles in restaurant construction, we stay on the cutting-edge of construction to make sure that our clients’ new construction resonates with their end-user and deliver a profitable ROI.  We always deliver projects on time, within budget, and with total client satisfaction.

Our all-inclusive management techniques ensure the success of standalone jobs, build-outs and facility improvements.  Sawyer-Elder Construction invites you to view our extensive portfolio of area projects including new restaurants, corporate re-brandings and quick service restaurant remodels.  Whatever your clientele, we know exactly what it takes to make sure they feel welcome and will keep them coming back. We have worked with all types of restaurants, giving us the experience to take on any task.  Sawyer-Elder Construction has been the leading general contractor for many of the best restaurants in Lexington and throughout the state.

Sawyer-Elder Construction knows today’s current trends in restaurant design.  Whether you are looking for a modern  atmosphere or want to have a family-friendly environment, we have the team to make your vision a reality. Sawyer-Elder Construction is known for our extraordinary work in both restaurant interior design and restaurant exterior design.

We construct impressive restaurants that are trendy, functional, and in highly profitable areas.  The diverse selection of projects that Sawyer-Elder Construction has completed include Malone’s, Drakes, First Watch, Arby’s, Newk’s, Little Caesar’s and many others.  See examples of our restaurant construction projects on our website.  See how we have the ability to provide our clients with what they need for their brand.

Every restaurant construction project depends on balancing operational function with customer-pleasing aesthetics. At Sawyer-Elder Construction, our team coordinates everything. We’re the restaurant general contractor in Lexington that understands this business inside and out, and we cover all the details from floor to ceiling.

When it comes to finding the right restaurant general contractor for your job, you can count on Sawyer-Elder Construction in Lexington, Kentucky.  We’ll gladly sit down with you to get to know your vision, design and budget. To discuss your project, contact us at (859) 523-1112.