Restaurant Remodel Contractor

Sawyer-Elder Construction provides everything from ground-up construction to restaurant remodeling and renovation work.

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With hands-on ownership, an experienced team and outstanding core values, Sawyer-Elder Construction has built a reputation as one of the Lexington area’s premier construction companies. We have years of commercial construction experience including many successful restaurant construction and remodeling projects. Over the years we’ve handled many restaurant remodeling projects with everything from casual to upscale dining.  We’ll gladly take the time to sit down and discuss your objectives.

Restaurants are complex.  Kitchens have to be built to very specific needs.  The front of the facility needs to be clean and accessible.  We have the experience to do it all efficiently in order to bring your project to life. We work at all stages of the project to identify the right approach to keep the work on track. Sawyer-Elder Construction will work closely with you from site prep to interior detailing to project completion. We can handle every aspect of the job from inside and out.  You can count on us for the highest levels of safety, quality and service.

Sawyer-Elder Construction excels in delivering high quality services for everything from complete ground-up construction to restaurant remodeling and renovation work. By taking a proactive approach and getting involved early on in the planning phase of a project, we are able to serve as a helpful resource in calculating realistic budgets before construction documents are even prepared.  After meeting with us, you’ll will see the clear advantage of working with Sawyer-Elder Construction.

There’s a very practical reason why Sawyer-Elder Construction continues to be a premier commercial general contracting firm in Lexington.  Our company fully understands and supports the importance of accountability, owner needs and expectations, budget adherence and scheduling for every building project, regardless of size or complexity. With Sawyer-Elder Construction, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your restaurant project will be up and running in no time.  We do not stop until our client is completely satisfied with the finished product and we’re receptive to changes as the construction progresses.  Our extensive expertise sets us apart from our competitors.

Sawyer-Elder Construction offers real, workable solutions to maximize your investment and drive greater value.  We maintain the latest technologies and innovative advancements to accurately meet our client’s objectives and business performance goals.  We are the trusted and qualified restaurant remodeling contractors you want on your team.  As experts in restaurant construction and remodeling, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results in a time frame that’s convenient for your business.  Our team coordinates everything.  We understand the importance of working together to deliver a beautifully designed restaurant at the scheduled completion date.  Working with all types of restaurants has given us the experience to take on any task.

Sawyer-Elder Construction has taken the lead role in many restaurant remodeling and renovation projects throughout the state, as well as many new restaurant construction projects.  See many of our completed projects on our Sawyer-Elder Construction website.  Our portfolio includes Malone’s, Drakes, First Watch, Arby’s, Newk’s and Little Caesar’s, to name just a few.  We have the ability to provide our clients with what they need for their brand.  Whoever your clientele, we know exactly what it takes to make sure they feel welcome and will keep them coming back.

Every restaurant remodeling project depends on balancing operational function with customer-pleasing aesthetics.  We’re the restaurant remodeling contractor in Lexington that understands this business inside and out and covers all the details from floor to ceiling.  You can count on Sawyer-Elder Construction in Lexington, Kentucky to do the job right.  To discuss your project, contact us at (859) 523-1112.