Retail Contractor

When your business needs to expand, you can rely on the retail contractors at Sawyer-Elder Construction in Lexington, KY..

Simply Southern Fayette Mall

There are many concerns when undertaking a retail construction project. Will the design suit our needs? Is the project within budget and on schedule? Are the proper permits filed? Is the company skilled to bring the project to life?  As a leading retail contractor, Sawyer-Elder Construction understands these concerns and can help you with every part of your project.

Sawyer-Elder Construction helps our clients stay current and profitable through top-quality retail remodeling services. We specialize in outfitting and renovating retail and restaurant spaces to ensure our clients have the most attractive, modern and enticing stores and restaurants around.  Our focus is always on delivering quality, value and customer satisfaction.

When your business needs to expand, restructure or redesign your facility, you can rely on the retail contractors at Sawyer-Elder Construction.  Not only can retail remodeling and renovation improve your business, it can also increase productivity, improve employee morale and decrease costs by updating the workspace. Employees will be excited about the new changes.  Customers will be eager to check out your new space and increase your business traffic through word of mouth. It’s a significant investment, but has the ability to positively impact your company image as a whole, both internally and externally.

We make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project vision and goals. Our knowledgeable teams of construction professionals utilize detailed scheduling, implement effective cost control strategies, and deliver quality-built facilities through an open-book and collaborative process.

With every Sawyer-Elder Construction retail remodeling project there are multiple things to consider before the project begins:

  • Existing size & layout
  • Infrastructure
  • Budget
  • Project time frame
  • Specific business needs
  • We continue to solidify and expand our position building new shopping experiences. From interior fit-outs of single locations to the development of retail sites, Sawyer-Elder Construction achieves results.

Our project strategies revolve around the needs of our clients.  Sawyer-Elder Construction believes in developing long lasting relationships with our clients, by exceeding their expectations and  delivering high quality work.  Regardless of the size of the project, working as your general contractor, Sawyer-Elder provides exceptional service throughout the project.  We provide accurate estimates based on our vast experience and knowledge.  We go above and beyond to complete all project requirements and meet all goals.  We are proud of our record of success at Sawyer-Elder Construction. Even more meaningful is the number of clients that return to us for each new project. We are confident you will have peace of mind when you place your project vision in our hands.

With years of retail remodeling experience, our reputation and long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.  We work closely with our clients to ensure a high level of success and satisfaction with every project. No job is too big or small for our team of knowledgeable remodeling contractors at Sawyer-Elder Construction. With clients in the greater Lexington area and throughout Kentucky, we’ve earned a reputation for providing incredible solutions on every project. When searching for a retail contractor, search no further than Sawyer-Elder Construction, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  Call us at (859) 523-1112 to discuss your retail remodeling project.